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Learn More About SW@Home on May 18 at 2pm

 | Published on 5/11/2016

Our next public informational meeting will be sponsored by the Clinton Library and take place Wednesday, May 18th at 2:00 at Clinton Community Hall on Hwy 525. Come join us!

Members of the SW@Home board will be on hand to explain about the program, its history, and its benefits to both members and volunteers. We’ll show a short video about a program like ours in Seattle and answer all your questions.

We will have member application forms on hand for those who are ready to sign up now. Full and Supporting members can pay their $240/household annual membership fee by check after the meeting or sign up online by credit card any time. Don’t worry that signing up now means you won’t get a full year’s worth of benefits--your membership doesn’t begin until the day we open for business.  

We’ll have volunteer application forms there as well. We need enough volunteers vetted and gone through orientation in May to be able to serve our members when we open in June, so don’t be shy. Members can be volunteers too—just fill out both member and volunteer forms..