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Staying Active, Connected and In Charge


South Whidbey at Home is based on the Beacon Hill Village model duplicated in cities and towns around the country. Most Villages charge much more for memberships than we do, but still need donations to fulfill their budget needs. As an all-volunteer organization, we hope to cover all our costs with membership fees.

But as our membership has grown, we hired a part-time Call Manager Coordinator who now works 20 hours a week. Donations now help maintain our office which is still staffed mostly by volunteer Call Managers.  

You can donate by clicking the button here.

There’s another way to donate too. If you aren’t 55 or older, don’t live on South Whidbey, or are over 55 but don’t need volunteer assistance yet, consider joining as a Supporting Member. You’ll have access to our list of Trusted Businesses (and the discounts and other special treatment many of them offer our members) and invitation to all our social and educational events. $200 of your $240 annual household membership fee can be counted as a tax-deductible contribution. Remember, supporting SW@Home before you need it means it will be around when you do need it.