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Staying Active, Connected and In Charge
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Our Mission and Values

  SOUTH WHIDBEY AT HOME: Staying active, connected, and in charge
 Mission Statement: South Whidbey at Home is a membership-based nonprofit dedicated to helping older (55+) South Whidbey residents remain in their homes and active in the community by providing access to a variety of professional services, volunteer assistance, and social activities. We are committed to improving the well-being of our members by connecting people of all ages in a mutually beneficial way.
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Values and Operating Principles
  • We focus on our primary mission—to support those aging in our community to live healthy and rich lives—and our secondary one—to build stronger intergenerational ties on South Whidbey.
  • We believe the second half of life can be as rich and rewarding as the first half, and that older people have a need and desire to stay active and engaged.
  • We are accountable, both individually and as an organization. We will say what we’re going to do and do it. If we make a mistake, we’ll admit it.
  • We operate with integrity and impeccable ethics.
  • We depend primarily on local donors. Their support is a measure of how the community values our work.
  • We are fiscally responsible and combine an open heart with a tight fist.
  • We are transparent in our actions, with open meetings and minute books.
  • We are inclusive, accepting of our members and volunteers regardless of gender, sexual orientation, financial status, or spiritual choices. We embrace the variety of their preferences and needs.
  • We appreciate the support of our donors and feel they are part of something wonderful.
  • We express gratitude to our volunteers by training them well, listening to their needs and suggestions, and thanking them often.
  • We accept that every member and volunteer has the right to choose what’s best for him/her at the time.
  • We have fun—members, volunteers, donors, and the general public. There will be a light-hearted touch to our events and communications. We will offer many different ways for people to connect and contribute.
  • We collaborate and partner with other organizations so that gaps are filled and services are not duplicated.
  • We strive to do the best we can with an attitude of compassion, respect, dignity, and acceptance.
  • We respect the privacy of our members and volunteers and maintain the confidentiality of all personal information provided us.
  • We are open to, and consistently seek, better ways of doing things.
  • We work to ensure the personal safety of members and volunteers.
  • We recognize when a situation is beyond the scope of our mission.
  • We strive to create a community of care in which we take care of our own.
  • We consider ourselves to be a part of a circle of giving and receiving and strive to provide various ways in which people can contribute.