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Staying Active, Connected and In Charge


Corrine Bayley, Call Manager

 | Published on 7/21/2016
“My first job was as a hospital CEO,” she said. Then she clarified that actually it was her third job, but the first “real” one, the first two being a greeter at Disneyland and  a pharmacy tech. “It was because I was a nun,” she went on, as if that completely explained how she came to be the CEO of a hospital in Eureka, CA at the age of 25. 

Later, she 
went back to school for a degree in medical ethics which she practiced until she retired. (She "retired" from the convent after several years.)  After a time volunteering in a women’s prison, which she likens to hospice work, she and her partner Laurie moved to South Whidbey, where they love their home on Fox Spit and their many connections in our wonderful community. 

Corrine works with Healing Circles, which satisfies her right brain heart and soul side. Being a Call Manager satisfies her left brain, which loves organizing and putting systems together in a logical and efficient manner. Spoken like a true former hospital CEO. We’re so lucky to have her.