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Staying Active, Connected and In Charge



 | Published on 9/2/2016

Quiz: Who moved to Whidbey in 1972, apprenticed as a carpenter so she could build her own home (which she did), and founded more non-profits (8) than anyone else any of us know? OK, too easy. Of course, it’s Lynn. Along the way she volunteered to clean the Clyde, which was owned by a handsome young fellow, Blake Willeford. She successfully swept her way to the top and now has a beautiful grandchild living next door in a home built by her son, his wife, and Lynn and Blake.


A year and a half ago she corralled some folks into helping start her newest non-profit, South Whidbey at Home, which opened on July 5, 2016. It’s no exaggeration to say that she has done and continues to do as much as all other board members combined. From writing newsletter pieces, to recruiting new board members, to networking with the rest of the community, if something needs doing she does it. So why, I asked her, is she also doing regular shifts as a Call Manager on top of everything else? “Oh, that’s easy.” she answered. “Because that’s the fun part. Talking to members and helping them is my reward.” Are we amazingly lucky to have her in our community or what?