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Staying Active, Connected and In Charge



 | Published on 10/15/2016
Melissa Lebo

Melissa’s great smile is never far away as she fields calls for SW@Home. Growing up in Pasadena California with a father who had MS, thinking about caregiving issues started early and continued as a thread as she and her husband started their family in California. After a few years, the family moved to Vancouver, BC where her husband was in the movie industry.


Melissa has a Masters in Public Policy. Most recently she landed a job as the twelfth hire of a new start-up TV station in Vancouver, CTV. They talked her into becoming the HR manager, a field about which she was self-taught.  By the time she left CTV a few years ago, the station had grown to 200 employees. She must have been an awesome judge of ability, since the station recently won a prestigious industry award, being named tops worldwide for Overall Excellence.


When it came time to retire, the Vancouver market was unaffordable, so Melissa and Hank picked Whidbey as their second choice. Lucky us! Drop by and say hi to Melissa some day soon and thank her for helping SW@Home become a thriving organization.