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Farms to Families Free Food Distribution Boxes

Alice Goodman  | Published on 7/29/2020


Farms-to-Families Free Food Distribution August 15th

Catholic Community Services (CCS), along with Pacific Coast Fruit Company (PCFC), is coordinating food delivery sites for the Farms-to-Families free food distribution.

Catholic Community Services has offered to bring a truck to St. Hubert’s Church in Langley with 500 boxes each with the approximate contents listed below. (a total of 1500 boxes)

Delivery is currently scheduled to arrive on South Whidbey on Saturday, August 15th

Boxes of fresh perishable foods will be trucked in by refrigerated vehicles. We want to get fresh farm food out to people in need due to COVID.

If you are interested in a box of food, sharing a box of food, or mixing and matching from the 3 boxes that are offered, PLEASE call the SW@Home Office at 360-331-1971 by Friday, August 7th for signup, and leave a message.  Include the following information.

We need to know if you can come by St. Hubert’s church around noon on Saturday, August 15th and pick up your order in a safe-distanced drive-thru, OR if you would like someone to deliver it to you.   Either choice is fine, we just need to know your preferences.   The boxes are 25 pounds and can be packaged in manageable amounts to carry.

Food boxes include: dairy box, vegetable/fruit box, and combination box with dairy, lunchmeat, & vegetables. More information is available on this program via these links:

Box 1 approximately 25.1 pounds

Apple Varietal 3#, Oranges 3#, Strawberries 1#, Potato Russet 5#, Onion Yellow 3#, Broccoli Floret 2#, Cauliflower 1 head, Celery 1 ea, Romaine Lettuce 3 heads, Carrots cello 1#

Box 2 approximately 25 pounds

Egg Large 2 Dzn, Milk 2% 1 gallon, Milk non-fat 1 gallon ½ & ½ - 1 quart, Butter Salted 1#, Yogurt Plain 32 oz, Cheddar Cheese 8 oz, Jack Cheese 8 oz

Box 3 approximately 27.1 pounds

Deli Ham Sliced 1#, Deli Oven Roast Chicken 1#, Butter Salted 1#, Milk 2%-1 gallon, Cheese Cheddar 8 oz, Cheese Jack 8 oz, Lettuce Romaine 3 head, Potato Russet 5#, Onion Yellow 3#