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Smile And A Meal Program

Alice Goodman | Published on 2/4/2021

St. Hubert Catholic Church has invited SW@Home to ask our members if they would like to order Friday meals! Who wouldn't want to get a home cooked meal delivered to your home by one of our volunteers? Meals are healthy and made from scratch. Christine can also accommodate orders for people with food sensitivities. Suggested donations of $10 (more if you can/less if you can’t) are gratefully accepted, but not required.

To Order Your Smile and a Meal:


1. Call the SW@Home office at 360-331-1971 or Email by TUESDAY at 3 pm each week and request this meal service. 

2. In your request, tell us your dinner choice, (Entrée #1 or Entrée #2) AND how many of each. “Some” food allergies can be accommodated by the chefs. Please ask if this is a concern. 


The monthly menu will be posted in 3 locations"

3. A SW@Home volunteer will deliver your meal to you early THURSDAY afternoon.

4. If you're able to give a donation for your meal (suggested amount - $10), your SW@Home volunteer will collect it and return the money to St. Hubert’s Church.

See the OCTOBER and NOVEMBER menus below.

Orders must be received by Tuesday and will be delivered on Thursday. **

Entrees are served with a seasonal side vegetable or other complimentary side dish.  Gluten-free and/or Vegan options are available upon request but may be different from the item listed on the menu.  



Delivery Date                Entrée#1                       Entrée#2


Thursday, Oct. 6    Pasta with Meatballs & Marinara                    Vegetarian Meal


Thursday, Oct. 13  Meat Special with Rice & Bean Casserole      Vegetarian Rice & Bean Casserole


Thursday, Oct. 20  Chicken & Rice with Mushrooms                    Rice & Mushrooms Entrée


Thursday, Oct. 27  Tuna & Pasta Casserole                                Vegetarian Pasta Casserole


Thursday, Nov. 3   Poultry Loaf w/ Potatoes& Veggies                Vegetable Loaf w/ Potatoes& Veggies


Thursday, Nov. 10 Visiting Chef Vegetarian Surprise                  Visiting Chef Vegetarian Surprise


Thursday, Nov. 17 More Surprises!                                             More Vegetarian Surprises!


Thursday, Nov. 24

Happy Thanksgiving                  No Wednesday Soup or Thursday Meal this week

Request a meal from the Mobile Turkey Unit!